Our Style and Philosophy

Tracey’s unique calling is to help the hurting, to heal the broken hearted and help people find peace………

Therapy is a rich and powerful experience of growth and change.  I work with individuals, couples, families, and teenagers to successfully reduce stress, anxiety, depression; strengthen relationships; resolve grief, past traumas, and internal conflict.  Together we will work on modifying negative thinking and self destructive behaviors, build self-esteem and better thoughts; enhance intimacy, foster self discovery; and help to improve one’s overall quality of life experiences. 

I offer supportive, caring, solution-focused methods.  I have a special gift to help those people who have suffered from physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and trauma issues.  It takes courage to ask for help and I believe change occures in the context of a supportive, trusting relationship, where you can explore in a gentle matter what concerns you.

When working with couples, my main objective is to rebuild their relationship without causing further damage. I help couples avoid painful emotional reactions, motivate them to restore romantic love to their relationship, and help them develop a plan and strategies to complete this goal.  I believe that most relationships can recover.  I will help you to stop the fighting or the neglect before the devastion of divorce.